XFINITY TV Go is a streaming service app which enables subscribers to watch up to 35 channels of live cable programming remotely. This updated app now has become a new and rebranded version of the cable provider’s previous software. XFINITY TV Go gives users access to over 25,000 On Demand options, and thousands of hit shows to watch offline.

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What XFINITY TV Go offers:

● With XFINITY Go, you can watch your favorite shows like news, sports, kids networks live.

● XFINITY Go also offers movies and shows from some channels like Starz, HBO and networks like ABC, TNT, TBS and more else.

● Download your favorite shows from Starz, MoviePlex to watch when offline.

● What attracts people most is that it permits users to set parental controls for privacy.


● Available WiFi or cellular internet connection will be needed to stream or download movies or shows.

● You need devices running Android 2.3 or higher to run this app, .

● Firstly create your XFINITY Go username and password to sign in this app to start it.

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