The Sims 4 for PC

As the latest version titled in life simulation video game of The Sims developed by Electronic Arts, The Sims 4 has broken the sales records due to its new advanced features. The Sims 4 has been one of the bestselling games since its initial release in 2014, and it can also be compatible with a vast range of devices, such as Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, etc.

With The Sims 4, users can take advantage of the power to create and control people in a virtual world where no rules exist. Besides, players can also customize the Sim’s appearances and personalities and build homes for them to express their creativity. In this virtual world, just develop the Sim’s relationships, explore new worlds and shape the characters of the children and teenager you’ve created.

Average User Rating:
4.9, 1953 votes


Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.


❍ Smarter Sims - With The Sims 4, players can customize smarter Sims with unique emotions, fashion styles, and personalities. Create, customize and control the sims to see how they express their distinct personalities in this game.

❍ Creative Tools - It is more powerful, interesting and intuitive than before to create a Sim and build mode. Players can control sims with real precision. With the brand new build mode, they can construct and design their homes effortlessly.

❍ Rich Rewards - Completing goals and unlocking achievements helps users to get new objects, traits, bonus and outfits.

❍ Share Creations - You can view, download and share the new content through the Gallery without leaving the game. Besides, the rich content created by The Sims inspire you to add more experiences to this game.

❍ Dynamic Neighborhoods - With the dynamic neighborhoods, players can experience more opportunities to bring the game to life. Meanwhile, you can also communicate with your neighborhood to expand your social circle.

About its update:

❍ Lighten up the Sims

Instead of saying that the Sims 4 is the revolution version of the former series, the publisher Electronic Arts seems to lighten up the game by reducing a vast range of features. More space has been offered by Electronic Arts to add future DLC. And the Sims 4 game now has been sold at full price. Besides, one good news is that there is a new community website which allows you to share your works including the characters and architecture online.

❍ Excellent Interface

The Sims 4 has been improved better than its predecessors, especially regarding accessibility, gameplay and game control. To create the Sim characters becomes easily after the update of the game. It seems more organized to build and customize the home you’ve created based on the different rooms of the house.

The characters created now will be more intelligent and autonomous with a revised system. You need to concentrate on the game’s activities to carry out the tasks to meet the needs of those characters.

However, it seems impractical and awkward of the camera controls since to move in three dimensions will be impossible. Therefore, this drawback will be a huge letdown for this game which benefits from the experience of the former three previous episodes.

❍ Well optimized version

Most people are expecting for the real graphical evolution of the new edition after The Sims 3. However, The technical evolution of The Sims 4 seems not amazing. And this disadvantage may become an advantage which makes the game compatible with some less powerful computers.

Another point which attracts players is that the level of facial detail has been improved clearly which mainly are the varieties of animations of this game. Players will have a try of a better gaming experience with the revised version and the better automation of The Sims.

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