Microsoft Excel 2016 for PC

Microsoft Excel 2016, developed by Microsoft, is a data analysis tool with which people can create, view and edit anytime, anywhere. As a tool which makes your office move with you, it is compatible with multiple devices like Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. With this app, users can quickly adapt to its formulas and familiar navigation.

As the latest entry into Microsoft’s powerful Excel series software spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel 2016 brings its sleek and modernized features to help people get ease with Office work. Download this excellent tool to improve your work efficiency now!

  • License:Trial Version
  • Developer:Microsoft Corporation
  • Category: Business & Productivity, Document Management, Office Suites
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  • Also Available For:AndroidiPhone
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Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

Excel Features:

① Data Insights

❥ Data Layout - With Microsoft Excel, you can use spreadsheets or workbooks to organize your text or numeric data. It helps you get more informed results by viewing it in context.

❥ Reformat & Rearrange - Excel will help you auto rearrange different configurations and the remaining data for you without any formulas or macros. Meanwhile, The Tell Me has the feature to choose the commands you need to achieve the effect you want.

❥ Data Analysis - Just give the complex analyses to Excel. With the pivot-table, it helps you summarize the data and you can compare them to show people what you want to present.

② Data Charts

❥ Charts and Graphs - One great feature of excel is that it recommends the proper charts and graphs to illustrate your data patterns automatically. Then you can use the charts to present your insights quickly.

❥ Find the best storyline - Choose one best from different ways to show your data visually. Apply the format, sparklines, tables and charts with only a click to represent your data. Such a modern charts and graphs in Microsoft Excel 2016 will bring you fresh ideas to present your data.

❥ Highlight Data Trends - Use some new elements like bars, icons, colors to highlight some important values, making them more visually. In Excel 2016, it provides forecasts on your data with one click.

③ Share & Collaborate

❥ Cloud Sharing - You and your partners can edit, view and collaborate when sharing the spreadsheet in the cloud with OneDrive or SharePoint, while you need to make sure everyone has got the latest version.

❥ Real-time Collaboration - The whole team can work together with Excel in real-time once you have saved the spreadsheet on OneDrive and shared it to others. Besides, you can also get the earlier drafts with the updated version of Excel 2016. With all the features mentioned above, Microsoft Excel can be a good choice for most medium or large business who wants to achieve long-term productivity.


❥ Simple user interface

❥ Easy to operate

❥ Improve productivity with suggestion features


❥ Not too many new features

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