Kodi for PC

Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is an open source cross-platform software media player developed by XBMC foundation to helps users to play and watch the streaming media like music, movies, TV shows, videos, podcasts and more.

Available for a vast range of devices like Windows, Mac, and Android, Kodi is an entire entertainment hub which presents users a user-friendly package of all the digital media. Meanwhile, it is entirely free, customisable and open source. As the ultimate entertainment software, Kodi enables users to play their favorite media and provides multiple services like Netflix, Youtube, and Spotify, etc. Download to try it now!

  • License:Free
  • Developer:XBMC Foundation
  • Category: Multimedia, Movies & TV, Music & Radio, Streaming videos, Video
  • Link:Official Website
  • Also Available For:AndroidiPhone
Average User Rating:
4.9, 1119 votes


Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.

Kodi Features:

Multimedia Hub

❍ As an open-source multimedia, Kodi has been a pretty good software which is easy to operate, slick and it is also supported by a great community of enthusiastic users.

❍ Kodi has a vast range of uses from streaming live TV to watching movies and listening to music. As a standard media player, Kodi with lots of functions can meet your needs for entertainment. What makes it more excellent is that it supports keyboard shortcuts and remote controls, featuring itself more like a real media center.

❍ With a skinnable interface, Kodi presents different feelings based on the skin users choose. Kodi has the unitive skin when users first install it. They can change the way it looks using some of the free skins. And some of those skins offers slick operation.

Manage Stream Media Easily

❍ Users can stream the multimedia anywhere anytime they like according to the simple instructions on how to setup Kodi as the standalone media player. Besides, Kodi can also play DVDs and CDs from the disk or some video formats on the hard drive and files inside ZIP and RAR archives.

❍ Kodi has another function which is it will scan all the media automatically and helps create a customized library. Aside from that, it also has slideshow and playlists functions along with the feature of weather forecast and audio visualizations.

Great Media Center

❍ Kodi is an excellent software media player which is compatible with most operating systems and hardware platforms, featuring users to watch videos on big or small screens.


❍ Great navigation

❍ Simple interface

❍ Lots of skins

❍ Easy to stream videos on a network

❍ A good tool to view photos, videos, movies, etc.


❍ Needs time to customize

❍ It feels unintuitive at the first sight of navigation

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