Google Earth for PC

Google Earth allows you to explore the far reaches of the world from all angles by using satellite imagery, aerial photography, GIS data and Street View.

The world becomes a 3D representation where you can fly through 3D cities like Paris, London, Tokyo and Rome, dive in to view every mountains, rivers, and street with integrated Street View. In addition to Earth navigation, you can embark on a little expedition to the Moon and Mars.

Google Earth is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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Windows Software is compatible with:

- Windows Vista;

- Windows 7 & Windows 8;

- Windows 10.


Street view mode with layers

Google Earth integrates the Street View feature features, so you can wander through places with many layers such as restaurants, banks, hospitals and everything you need. It will even display crime statistics, congressional districts, or more. You can add or remove layers to suit your needs better.

Create and share tours

By turning on the tour feature, you can create and share routes with others. You can add a soundtrack or narration to personalize your routes, then fly the routes with the earth spinning below.

3D interactive atlas

The 3D terrain mapping invites you to see land contours and stunning scenery of places like Grand Canyon. Google has added The 3D buildings of major U.S. cities offers a realistic 3D experience. You can save and share your favorite locations.

Satellite imagery

If you are interested in the space, you can also enjoy the virtual journey to the Moon and Mars, and navigate between stars in the space. If you like the sea better, the Water surface option gives you access to peep into the oceans and marine creatures.

Historical Imagery function

The Historical Imagery function enables you to see the evolution of certain locations during the past few years. You can see how your neighborhood or other places has changed throughout time.

Intuitive user interface

You can zoom in, zoom out, rotate the view, and travel with ease by using the mouse or the buttons on the screen. You can also put a certain location in the search box on the left to jump directly to your destination.

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