Samsung SmartCam

Samsung SmartCam, developed by HANWHA TECHWIN CO., LTD, is a mobile application which enables users to use two-way audio communication and watch the live video wherever they like with their smartphone.

Samsung SmartCam is a free app positioned as a home monitoring product by Hanwha Techwin. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Download it to monitor the situation of your home now!

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About our app

1. Totally safe

2. Update both content and package timly

3. Official download link is also available

4. Discover new apps and games with us

Features of Samsung SmartCam:

• Watch the live video

• Offer service like event alarm notification

• Supported H.264 format

• Can be available in 3G/4G/WiFi environment

• Support two-way communication

• SmartCam will limit the amount of users based on the network traffic status.

• Users can opt to operate in the normal mode if the audio playback may not be smooth in the Profile Change mode.

Devices supported:

• Android versions of 4.4/5.0/5.1

• Smartphone like Galaxy S5/S6/Note4/Note5

• Compatible with the following devices: -SNH-1010N, SNH-1011N, SNH-P6410BN, SNH-E6411BN, SNH-E6440BN, SNH-V6414BN, SNH-E6440BN, SNH-V6110BN, SNH-V6417BN, SNH-V6430BN, SNH-V6414BN, SNH-V6410PN

• Besides, the supported models will be updated continuously.

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