Developed by Pure Flix Digital, PureFlix is an application which enables users to enjoy thousands of entertainment programs including TV shows, movies, educational, how-to’s documentaries, animation and more others.

PureFlix aims to be one of the highest quality video-streaming sources by providing the most trusted and great shows on the web. With PureFlix, users can enjoy their favorite TV shows anywhere online or on their Android or iOs devices or TV!

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About our app

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About PureFlix

PureFlix offers users great entertainment features including thousands of titles, TV shows, movies for all ages plus many inspirational titles based on faith. It enables users to have a user-friendly viewing experience with the highest resolution. With PureFlix, users and their family can all have a better viewing experience since it will be fun, inspirational, educational and entertaining.

The team of PureFlix is operated by a bunch of people who are dedicated to achieving the goal like you. They persist in reviewing good quality content to provide users great programs with new titles and exclusive content. PureFlix believe they can offer people awesome streaming TV shows and movies which deliver inspiring experiences and champion Christian values.

Price & Packages

PureFlix allows users to enjoy one-month trial for free and need to purchase a monthly subscription if they want to continue. The monthly payment will be USD 10.99, and the annual payment will be USD 99.99 per year. Both plans support the simultaneous streaming services on five screens.

Besides, you can cancel the service whenever you like. PureFlix doesn’t permit to entitle a refund if you cancel the annual subscription halfway.

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