NYT VR puts users at the center of New York Times’ reality video stories in an immersive virtual-reality experience. It may sound not so intriguing, but you will certainly be touched if you are confronted with Syrian refugee camp and Paris after the catastrophic attack.

Just like NYT says, we bring our readers to the world with NYT VR.

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◆Finding yourself standing beside a kid as he runs through a refugee camp or perches on a wall by an old Soviet monument is emotionally touching and entirely delivered by this app.

◆It's quite solemn to look up and down and around and find yourself so completely immersed in someone else's world

◆If you take the time to incorporate thoughtful discussion before and after using NYT VR, this could be a great way for provoking thoughtful, in-depth discussions.

◆ It will also help kids to witness and rethink what life might be like for people thousands of miles away who aren't so different from them after all.


It's better to sit in a swivel chair when you use the app because when you stand up, you'll quickly find yourself wandering into a corner or stumbling over a desk.

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