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MX Player - the best mobile app to watch movies. With MX Player, you can unlock a set of new codecs/video files for your mobile phone and it's totally free. The best thing about the app is that it will give you a link to download the correct codec if the video can't be recognized.

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About our app

1. Totally safe

2. Update both content and package timly

3. Official download link is also available

4. Discover new apps and games with us


❤ Hardware acceleration provides you better watching experience with the new HW+ decoder.

❤ Easily zoom in and out by pinching the screen. Swipe, Zoom and Pan.

❤ Keep your children away from touching with Kids Lock option.

❤ Scroll forward or backward to move subtitles, zoom in and out to change text size, or up and down to move text location.

MX Player is the first video player that performs the multi-core decoding function on mobile phones. Users can experience the video watching smoothly and flexibly. No matter what you're watching or want to watch, MX Player is the best choice for you to decode files.

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