Hanuman Hero Run

Based on Indian Ramayana story, Hanuman Hero Run is a kind of running game on Android devices. Users could enjoy the most exciting and fast running experience during the game.

  • Price:Free
  • Category: Adventure
  • Version:2
  • Developer:9Game Inc
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4.8 (1,992 votes)

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This game is epic; you need run as fast as you can to overcome all the difficulties and through all levels.

Hanuman is the Indian epic character in the game; you use this great character to run through all the vivid graphics; you need learn how to run, jump, attack, and other skills.

You could also share your records on Facebook with your friends and ask them to play with you. Now begin to play the game and defeat the monster in the game. Write your own game legend and be a hero! Challenge yourself and pick up a sword!

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