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Google Play Movies & TV is an online video platform where users can purchase or rent movies and TV shows. With Google Play Movies & TV, you can watch whatever you like on your computer, TV, Android phone, and iPhone/iPad.

Google Play Movies & TV application is available for both Android and iOS users from Google Play Store and App Store. Movies and TV shows you buy or rent on the app can be downloaded on your devices for later watching. You can also watch them on TV using Chromecast.

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• Google Play Movies & TV lets you watch the newest movies and TV shows on various devices including TV, computer, Android phone, iPhone and iPad.

• Google Play Movies & TV covers contents from Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, ABC, CBS, FOX NOW, NBC, HBO NOW, HBO Go, Disney Now, HGTV, MTV and more.

• Google Play Movies & TV shows you the complete seasons while many other TV network apps only offer a few episodes or a teaser of a movie.

• The powerful filtering system helps you find the movie or show quickly, and you can click on tags by genre, decade, and more.

• It will also push personal recommendations based on contents you've watched. You can remove some recommended items from the list by clicking on the thumbs down button

How to use it on different platforms

• On computers, you can watch contents through the Google Play website, Google Play Movies & TV Google Chrome web browser extension and the app.

• On smartphones and tablets, you can watch contents through the app.

• On TV, you can connect your computer to a TV with HDMI, or you can watch them using Chromecast.

• You can choose to download and watch contents offline.

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