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Developed by Google Inc., Google Play Games is a game application released specially for electronic games, which is similar to Game Center. With Google Play Games, players can search for their most favorite new games to fight together with friends in one team and record different achievements.

Similar with what you imagined, the interface of Google Play Games is still the continuation of the design style of other Google applications. All you need will be here including files, friends, people you may know, most downloaded games and more. If you’re an Android game fan who can get the most out of the equipment performance, Google Play Games will be your ideal assistant. Download it to have a try now!

  • Price:Free
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Version:2019.03.9078 (240253997.240253997-000400)
  • Developer:Google LLC
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4.7 (2,139 votes)

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Key Features:

● Gameplay Recording - Users can record and share the best gaming moments of their favorite games and show to their friends on YouTube.

● Saved Games - Players can pick up right where they left off from any Android devices.

● Gamer Profile - Users can create their profile like custom Gamer ID, earn XP and increase the level when they can master the games across Google Play.

● Achievements - With this app, gamers can challenge themselves, earn rewards and track them all right from the app. Finally, they can see how they fight against other players.

However, Google Play Games can only be available in certain countries. Download it to play the game anywhere all over the world all from one place.


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