Google Fit

Google Fit - Fitness Tracking App by Google Inc.

Real-time tracking of your runs, walks and bike rides. Provide personalized insights and coaching. You can also integrate with nutrition and sleep apps. Coach from your Android Wear watch and make push-up, sit-up or squat detections.

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Google Fit Features:

♥ Track any activity

When you walk, run or ride throughout the day, your mobile phone or Android Wear watch can automatically logs them with Google Fit.

♥ Get instant insights

Acquire real-time stats for your walks, runs and rides. Google Fit can record your speed, route, pace, elevation and more on your track.

♥ Reach your goals.

Set goals on time, steps, distance, calories burned and more. You can also receive personalized recommendations and coaching advises.

♥ Measure your wellness

Aggregates information from other apps like Nike+, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, Android Wear and more to track fitness, sleep, weight, and nutrition.

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