Good Craft 2

Developed by KnollStudio, Good Craft 2, the updated version of GoodCraft is an excellent adventure game which enables players to create the various construction of blocks, useful objects, and craft weapons. Here they can use lots of different blocks to move freely through the virtual scenario. GoodCraft 2 is like a clone version of Minecraft which mainly uses a virtual style based on blocks and users need to build a safe shelter to help them hide from numerous dangers. Furthermore, this game is quite fluid virtually on any device.

GoodCraft 2 requires being downloaded and installed on Android 4.1+ devices or above. Do you want to play a game which gives you access to place blocks and go on adventures? Don’t hesitate to download GoodCraft 2 to have a try now!

  • Price:Free
  • Category: Adventure
  • Version:2.1.9
  • Developer:KnollStudio
Average User Rating
4.9 (1,672 votes)

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Key Features:

● You will see a huge number of blocks here in this game.

● GoodCraft 2 provides nice texture in high resolution.

● Users will enjoy the convenient and thoughtful game control.

● High FPS without compromise.

● Real time world generation.

● It will be available for users to enjoy the endless possibilities of cube world.

● This game runs smoothly with the highest optimization even on low-end phones.


As a game of placing blocks and going on adventures, GoodCraft 2 enables people to enjoy a great updated sandbox experience, creative mode, survival, crafting and more else with multiple features.

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