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Preview of the Elder Scrolls: Blades

Known as the mobile type of the Elder Scrolls series, The Elder Scrolls: Blades offers an early access version at the beginning of April. To those who are familiar with the PC version or other platforms, the Blades is quite different. It has a new battle system which is more suitable for mobile phone operation, and the new reward mechanism is to extend the playtime.

Appurse provides a demo of the iOS version to show you these new features of the game since the Android version is not available on google play store.


Without any joysticks on the screen like other mobile action game, you should tap the ground to move, and long-press to look around. The game turns into combat mode automatically if you meet the enemy in the Elder Scrolls: Blades. Keep pressing for a moment and then release to slash your enemy with your sword. Or you can protect yourself by tap the icon of the shield on the left.

Character Design

Just as the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, you can design your personal character from race to the color of the eyes. Both human and Abhuman are available, such as elf and argonian. Sadly, we can no longer add mods on mobile device.


Quest is the integrate of both mission system and the dungeons. By taping the start button of a quest, you will be transferred into the target dungeon. After achieving the task goals, you will be sent back to your town.


Shining treasure box filled will be waiting for you during the adventures of dungeons. However, you can not open the chest immediately by the mini-game of unlocking. (Just like in Skyrim) Chest takes time to unlock. If you don’t want to wait, you can use the “Gems” to skip the time. Gems can be gained during your adventure, or by recharge.


As the background of the story, you are a home-returning traveler. Ruined by the mercenary of the Bloodfall Queen, your hometown needs to be rebuilt. And the responsibility is on yours. Collecting responsibility by finishing the quest, you can unlock more functions by rebuilding the village.