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Love in The Air - The Sims Freeplay FAQ

The Sims Freeplay

Love is in the air

There are two quests prior to unlocking ‘Love is in the air’: First, you have to be more than Lv 7. Second, finish ‘Bread Winner’ and ‘Money Grows on Trees?’. After them, you will unlock ‘Love is in the air.’ And if you complete it within 2 days, the wedding bundle will be unlocked as a prize.

A coffee machine is needed to make espresso. Remember to make both of your sims romantic to each other in order to turn their friendship into love. After several steps of interactions and with the help of roses and rings, your sims are engaged. Now you can ask your fiance to move in together. Since three sims are required to start the wedding, go to your map and fill the empty houses with new sims. Be romantic because as many times as needed to fill the gray bar above into purple. After all the steps, you can get married eventually.


How to check the mail

To complete the ‘check the mail’ quest, you should click on the envelope over your mail-box. You will receive a letter once a day as your daily reward. Sometimes changing device settings may mess up the game mechanics and let you fail in completing the quest. Offline can also cause the same problem.



You can only add a baby to your house where a married couple lives in. ‘Two and a half sims quest’ and ‘A bumpy ride discovery quest’ are needed before you unlock pregnancy. There are three options you can choose to have a baby: Pregnancy event, pregnancy and add a baby. The last one doesn’t need you to be pregnant.


Mysterious Island

This quest will appear after you are Lv 10. A tellurion is needed to finish the mysterious island. Croissants are also needed when you almost finish this quest, so you’d better bake them at the first step of this quest using another sims since it takes a lot of time. What’s more? It needs 7,500 to build the bridge to the island.



To unlock this quest, you need to complete all the quests before and reach Lv 18. A teenager is also needed to complete this quest. Once you complete it, the pirate fashion prize will be given as a reward.

The step after the speech that you are asked to find the pirate will be a little difficult. However, it’s easy to finish the first few steps. You can find the pirate in the park. The pirate is too shy to talk to the adults. Therefore, you will need a teenager to continue the game.

The first riddle needs you to check the thinkman statue. Head to the stable to meet the pirate after talking to your friend. You will find the clue of the second riddle in the Swim Center by checking the fireplace of the Snow Park.

By the way, the love between teenagers is so sweet and fragile. Sadly you have to say farewell to the pirate in a romantic way.



Here is the websites which can hack your game and change both the number of Simoleons and Simcash. All you have to do is offering username or Email and select which platform you are in.