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How to Install Google Play Store on Mobile?

We provide the method of downloading the Google Play Store on those devices that are not pre-installed this app. However, if you fail to install Google Play Store on your mobile devices, or can not use the app with the issues like flashing back, you have to read this guide as it will provide you the correct method of installations. In most occasions, the failure is actually caused by lacking GMS.


GMS, the abbreviation of Google Mobile Services, is a set of applications and APIs that helps Google Apps work across the Android system. Without the GMS, Google Apps will not run. The manufacturers who have a partnership with Google will have a pre-install GMS on their devices, so users will find the Google Play Store when they start their phone. While for those devices without GMS, users can't find the Google Play store or can't successfully download it. In this circumstance, the solution below works:

GMS installer.apk

1. Download the core GMS packages that we provide above.

2. Copy the APK file to your mobile (or download it on your phone).

3. Install the APK. If you meet problems, read the 'Questions & Answers' below.

4. Open the GMS installer and hit the 'One Touch Installation' button.

5. Google Play Store and Google Service will be automatically installed together. If you have already installed these two apps, GMS installer will ask you to uninstall them first.


Questions & Answers

1. Unknown Developer

You need to allow your device to install from 'unknown developer.' Click here for the guide.

2. The package conflicts with an existing package by the same name.

Even if you have never installed any apk file before, this error still happens sometimes. To solve this problem, you need to download this app below to help you out.


Then you can copy the apk file and change its name with the help of AppCloner. For example, change ‘GMSinstaller.apk’ to ‘GMSinstaller2.apk’, and install the latter on your phone.


3. The GMSinstaller doesn’t work on my Huawei Honor 10.

GMS anzhuangqi.apk

If your phone is Huawei Honor 10 or Honor 8X, you should download this apk above instead of the one named GMSinstaller_v1 at the top of the article.