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Do you want to make your battery life longer? DU Battery Saver will be a great assistant for you to save your phone power. It can also help you solve the problems that your battery comes across. With this application, your phone will get a smart power manager that can make your phone work well with all the background apps. You can view how much battery you have used by percentage.

This application has a pre-set mode to managing your phone, which can be used to supervise your energy usage and make your battery work at its best state. If you have overcharged your phone, the DU Battery Saver will warn you of it. Download this application and manage the battery of your phone now! It can be a good manager to indicate your battery life and usage.

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About our app

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Why do we recommend this application for you?

◆ Phone Cooler

This application can cool down your phone by systematically managing the CPU-intensive apps that will increase the phone temperature.

◆ Charging Manager

It tracks your charging practices to make your battery work in its best state.

◆ Battery Saver

The biggest advantage of DU Battery Saver is that it can force to quite the power-consumptive background apps to save your battery life.

DU Battery Saver is simple to operate for everyone. It protects your phone against poor charging and high operation temperature. Now there are about 400 million users use the DU Batter Saver all over the world.


● Accurate status. There is a detailed analysis provided for you to know how much battery charge you left.

● Estimating remaining battery time. This application will tell you how long your battery will last.

● Battery monitor. The DU Battery Saver helps you know the usage, status and life of the battery.

● One-click optimization. With one click of this application, it will solve lots problems including the power consumption and poor charging.

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