Clash of Clans

Clash of clans, launched in August 2012, is a strategic mobile game created by Finland game company Supercell. The theme of this game is the strategic battle. Players can gradually increase their power through operating their village and then fight with thousands of players. When their village gets some level, they can form the tribes with the other villages and then fight among the tribe.

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  • Category: Strategy
  • Version:11.446.20
  • Developer:Supercell
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This game can be divided into the single and multiplayer modes. The single mode means players can challenge the tasks in the system and get the bonus they should get. And the multiplayer mode means players can search their opponents to fight with the global players and grab each other's resources. With the improvement, more players like to play the multiplayer mode.

If you want to play this game, you need to have your network connected. There are lots of features of Clash of Clans. It will be introduced as follows.


◆ You can build your own village to fight against the enemies.

◆ You can be the team leader in the game if you get the level improved.

◆ Playing with different players all over the world is one of the biggest features this game has.

◆ Fight against rival Clans in the Clan Wars.

◆ With the upgrade of your level, you can build more units to defend your village.

What's updated:

1. Shield. It includes the exciting new content of the "village guards"

2. It has the ability to force the dialogue time offline.

3. Adjustment of the online game pattern.

4. Adjustment of the high order trophy calculation.

5. New defensive structures: Skyhawk Artillery.

6. The tribal castle can reinforce potion.

7. Decrease three hours when attacking the shield once.

8. There is one new Hero in this game that is called "the big guardian".

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