Created by Spry Fox, Alphabear is a entertaining word puzzle game It’s a really cute game where you will spell words by choosing letters on a grid. When you choose letters that are adjacent to each other, bears will appear! The more letters you use successfully, the bigger the bear grows, and the more scores you earn!

  • Price:Free
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Version:01.16.04
  • Developer:Spry Fox LLC
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4.1 (1,720 votes)

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What’s more, there are various types of bears you may unlock during the scores-collecting process in each level. Be careful that Letters may turn into rocks and they will hinder your bear from getting bigger. When your score is high enough, you'll win a bear as your permanent collection. You can use these bears as powerups in future games! They will extend your timer, increase the scores you earn, either increase or decrease the frequency of which letters show on the game board and more.


◆Alphabear is very easy to pick up.

◆Letter tiles are arranged on a variable-sized grid.

◆Bears can grow as long they have a full rectangle of cleared tiles to fill. ◆Scores mainly come from two sources: Words formed during a game and bear size at the end.

◆Values of the word are calculated from both length and distance of letters.


Besides achieving goals over time or accumulated by watching ads, users may also pay five bucks for unlimited honey.

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